Sattviko VIP

Welcome to Sattviko VIP Program

Sattviko VIP is a loyalty program for our customers who have been a part of our journey from the start. Whenever you purchase your superfoods from Sattviko, you will be earning points into your account.

It is pretty simple, The more you buy, the more points you earn!

We have added some points to your account. It is mandatory to login to be able to redeem your points and to login, your username will be your email ID/mobile number(the one on which you received the SMS) and your password will be your first name followed by '@12345'(if your first name is abc, then your password will be 'abc@12345'). If you are unable to login, you can reset your password

So, what are you waiting for? Login to your account and start earning points!

There is no minimum threshold to redeem points. Also, 1 point is equal to Rs. 1. To know more, Click Here