6 Pillar Challenge- Strength Pillar – Naukasana (Boat Pose)

The name Naukasana is derived from the Sanskrit words “Nauka,” which means “boat,” and “Asana,” which means “posture” or “seat.” As a result, this asana

6 Pillar Challenge- Flexibility Pillar –  Paschima Namaskar

Paschim Namaskarasana, also known as the Reverse Prayer pose, is an upper-body strengthening pose that focuses on the arms and abdomen. Viparita Namaskarasana is another

6 Pillar Challenge- Balance Pillar – Vrikshasana

In Sanskrit, “Vriksha” means “Tree” while “Asana” means “posture” or “pose”. Therefore, Vrikshasana means “Tree Pose” in English. Vrikshasana’s hidden meaning is that, just as

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