Paan Raisin & Ajwaini Flax Seed Combo

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Brand: Sattviko
Product Code: SATPRAFS-01
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Buy Paan Raisin and Flax Seed together and get a special discount.
  • 120 Gm Paan Raisin
  • 100 Gm Ajwaini Flex Seed
  • Helps Control Cholesterol
  • Helps Control Weight Lose
  • Helps in healthy skin & hair loss
  • Roasted & Ajwaini Flavored
  • Very Refreshing Paan Raisins
  • Freshly Packed i.e This product is packed only after receiving the order
  • Portable Plastic Box

Paan Raisins : Historically, paan was a part of Indian royal life. Sultans kept beetle leaf next to their bed to refresh their mouths before a kiss at night. We have infused the extract of Pan flavour into the natural sweetness of raisins and topped it with the powder of the ayurvedic herb called mulethi. The freshness of Sattviko's Paan Raisins will leave you with an everlasting craving.

Ajwain Ajwain
Flax Seed Flax or Alsi Seed
Paan Flavor Natural paan flavor
Raisin Dried Raisin

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