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Khakhra Chips

Overview of sattviko organic Khakhra Chips

Delicious Khakhra Chips are too hard to resist as it is a very healthy snack option. The chips are made from wholesome wheat and other beneficiary ingredients which are full of protein that keeps the body fit, young and acts as an energy booster. Buy Khakhra Chips of different flavours that are available to choose as the vital factor of Sattviko is to provide traditional healthy Indian Snacks in a new form that is loved by many customers across India. The brand has got many recognitions for delivering such fantastic food products that simplify the roots of Indian food. One of the recognition was given from the Government of India, Ministry of Skill and Development under the “Make in India” concept and were awarded “Best Food Brand in India”. Sattviko gained much more such praise through its tremendous food products which helped in creating the identity in the market and also has gained its 1 million happy customers.

What makes sattviko khakhra chips healthy and nutritious?

Sattviko serves healthy snacking options that have a high-quality source of vitamin B and vitamin E that helps in keeping a person energized and also keeps the immune system healthy by adding antioxidants that help in clearing out all the toxins from the body. Buy Khakhra Chips online in India as it is full of dietary fibres and so it is mostly consumed by diet conscious people. Still, this particular food product is much loved and it is consumed by everyone in the family from kids to adults as it has all the qualities which help in gaining more of protein and minerals which benefits each age group. People while thinking of healthy Snacks in India, their priority is Khakhra Chips as they are ready to eat, instantly available, and can be digested in no time, which becomes a go-to option for all.

Many benefits of eating  flavourful Khakhra Chips

The benefits of eating Khakhra Chips are many as this is a traditional Indian snack that comes from Gujrat. Buy Khakhra Chips as it has many flavours available that are Methi Khakhra Chips, Jeera Khakhra Chips, Pizza Khakhra Chips, Achari Khakhra Chips, Jalapeno Khakhra Chips. All these flavourful delicacies offer the best taste and aroma in a freshly packed packet. The Sattviko offers the unmatched combo packs for different occasions where people can give their near and dear one basket full of Healthy Snacks in India. Sattviko even provides the best range of nutritional food products like baked khakhra for people who are on a strict diet or who avoid eating masala khakhra. These aromatic Indian Khakhra Chips prices are very much affordable, and they have a unique blend of traditional and modern technology which in return gives us this beautiful product that helps in keeping healthy and fit.

Why do people choose Sattviko Khakhra Chips?

The reason behind buying Khakhra Chips online is simple as it provides the best range of food products that are full of tastes and includes deep roots of Indian traditions which are followed from so many years. Sattivko has given transformation to the Indian traditional Khakhra Chips into a new form that is appreciated by many and consumed by millions of people. Getting Snacks online is a way better option than buying some unhealthy products which harm the body and also the lifestyle. Nowadays, every other person is becoming a junk eater who is not preferable as it brings harmful effects on the body and the person starts lacking the beneficiary nutrients from the body like proteins, minerals, vitamins and many more important nutrients. Sattviko focuses on developing the best taste for all their customers who want Indian traditional food. 

Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

  1. How many flavours are available for Khakhra Chips?

There are 4 flavours available for Khakhra Chips, namely achaari, jeera, pizza,  jalapeno and methi.

  1. Are the Khakhra Chips fried?

Yes, the Khakhra Chips are not fried and are entirely baked.

  1. What are the benefits of eating Khakhra Chips?

They are rich in protein, made from wheat and entirely vegan with high mineral content.

  1. Is there any combo available for Khakhra Chips?

Yes, there are multiple combos available with all the four jars. You can order them through our website. 

  1. Are there any shipping charges?

The shipping is entirely free for orders above Rs 399/-.

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