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The Story of Ganesha & Yoga

Ganesh is one of the most popular and widely worshiped Hindu deities. He is the harbinger of prosperity, success and protection.

Did you know Ganesh is very deeply rooted in Yoga?

In yoga, Ganesh is said to be connected to the root chakra, which represents survival and material well-being. There is a yogic mudra associated with Ganesh, called the Ganesha Mudra. It is said to help motivate the practitioner to keep going when they are down.

Ganesh’s association with the first chakra means he’s connected to the seat of one’s primordial force and is the manifestation of its Divine energy. In Kundalini yoga, Ganesh is said to reside in this chakra. In this way, he is the foundation and support for all of the higher chakras.

Did you know that practising  SuryaNamaskar can help you activate your Root chakra ?

Suryanamaskar pose and its effects :

1. In Namaskar pose & Hastapadasan hold in mulabandh as a result there is pressure over the Muladhar chakra

2. In Uttanasan & Adhomukhshvanasan there is a stretch on Muladhar chakra.