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Sattviko FoodYoga Marathon – Important things to keep in mind before participating.

Welcome and Namaste to the Sattviko Foodyoga Marathon.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind before attending the Sattviko FoodYoga Marathon.

Pre Marathon

  1. Ensure that you have booked your time slot for the event in advance
  2. Please download and update latest Zoom software on your systems. Incase you do not have Zoom please download it from here.
  3. Ensure that you have the zoom link for the event
  4. Login to Zoom at least 10 minutes before the event preferably from your laptop or mobile devices.
  5. Incase you are attempting 108 Surya Namaskar, you have to record yourself inorder to receive the 108 Surya Namaskar certificate.
  6. In case you are joining from mobile you may not be able to record yourself from zoom . Please make arrangements to record yourself.
  7. Have some Pre-Yoga food like a fruit + some seeds or nuts + 3 glasses of luke warm water at least 1 hour before the marathon.
  8. Be ready with your mat.
  9. Wear comfortable clothes which are not too loose.
  10. Practice atleast 15 mins of Sookshma Vyayam ( Warm Up ) . Click the link here for a sample video .

During Event

  1. Please ensure that you fill up the attendance form shared in the chat.
  2. Be careful of the email that you enter in the attendance form. This is the email which we shall use to generate your certificate.
  3. In case you have multiple people joining from your screen you must fill up the attendance form for each one of them individually with different email ids.
  4. In case you want to record your self pls pin your video on the screen and click record on zoom so that your recording shall feature you when you upload. Checkout this tutorial here.
  5. Please start the marathon upon getting prompted by Sattviko.
  6. Once you complete the marathon you can leave the zoom session.
  7. Please save the video when prompted by Zoom on your system.

Post Event

  1. Please upload your video to a cloud like icloud, Google Drive , Dropbox , Mega etc.
  2. Do share your video experience of the event on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin with the hashtag #Foodyogamarathon #108SN and tag us @Sattviko.
  3. You shall receive the link to generate your certificate of the marathon within 24 hours of the event by whatsapp or the mail you submitted in the attendance form.
  4. Please enter the email that you submitted in the attendance form. This is very crucial to generate your certificate.
  5. Please upload your photograph and a preview shall be generated.
  6. For people who did Mini ( 20 Surya Namaskar ) , half ( 54 Surya Namaskar) your certificates shall be mailed to you instantly once you confirm.
  7. For those who attempted 108 Surya namaskar they would need to share the cloud links of their 108 surya namaskar marathon video and they shall receive their certificate within 3 working days upon confirmation by our teams.
  8. Do post your certificates on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin with the hashtag #Foodyogamarathon #108SN and tag us @Sattviko .

In case of any questions or issues please drop a mail on [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +91-9625053728.