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Origin Of Natarajasana

The mythological origin of Natarajasana

Lord Shiva is known as Shiva the Destroyer, but is perhaps better understood as Shiva the Transformer, for we all know that destruction is a part of growth and rebirth. The story behind the pose takes place deep in the Tillai forest of India.

This location is described in many old songs and poems as the setting for several divine and demonic stories. Lord Shiva arrived at the Tillai Forest as the beggar Bhikshatana, in an effort to trick the sages who took part in irreverent and superficial worship. The sages feel threatened and send a demon and snake to attack Lord Shiva. After winning the battle, Lord Shiva, the “Lord of the Dance” performs his “Dance of Bliss” called Nataraja, displaying his power, strength, mental peace, and beauty and that is where the Natarajasana came into existence, just like the dance the asana improves concentration and strengthens the muscles.