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5 Superfoods that can control your Hypertension

When it comes to a heart -healthy, blood pressure friendly diet there is lot of ‘no’. No red meat, no salt , no sweets. Its enough to send your stress levels through the roof ( which is also bad for your blood pressure). The bad news is there is no single secret of how to lower blood pressure to a healthy level, which according to the American Heart Association is less than 120/80 mm Hg. The good news is that the dietary path to a healthier heart has a whole lot of ‘yes”.

We have put together a list of just a few of ‘’yes’’ foods to help you reduce and control your blood pressure

  1. Pistachios

Pistachio nuts are not only tasty and fun to eat but also super healthy. They are super high in antioxidants which is vital to your health, they contain more antioxidants than most of the other nuts and seed which makes them a perfect superfood that helps you relive you stress and anixety

2. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables will always keep you away from lifestyle issues. Spinach is rich in potassium and as the studies show food rich Potassium lowers your blood pressure and keeps you at lower heart risk. Potassium helps the kidneys flush sodium out of our systems, which in turn, can lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension.

3. Blue Berries

While all berries contain anthocyanins, blueberries have one of the highest levels. The research also showed that anthocyanins improve the function of endothelial cells in the body. These cells line the inner surface of blood vessels and help with blood flow and hypertension

4. Makhana or Water Lily Pops

Makhanas or Water lly pops are low in of sodium and high in potassium which helps to decrease the blood pressure in hypertension patients. The low sodium helps in keeping the blood pressure in check. The magnesium in makhanas helps improve the quality of blood and oxygen in the body. There are a great go to snack for people suffering from Low blood pressure and Hypertension

5. Yougurt

As the study shows consumption of Yougurt twice a week for people suffering from Hypertension has shown a great result. The amount of magnesium and calcium present in reduces your chances of strokes and lower your risk of any cardiovascular disease