Our Story

“Sattviko fosters wellness and shares Indianness through the Sattvik way of cooking that is wholesome and tasty!”

Sattviko came from Sattvik, which in the ancient Indian Medicine of Ayurveda means purest form of food.

All Sattviko products are packed with the freshness of India's traditional food knowledge with the tastes of Modern World. Our products are made from Naturally Sourced Raw Materials and processed with modern technologies that preserve their nutrients.

Sattviko celebrates the greatness & tastes of India, globally!

Today, as a packaged food company, Sattviko has created a niche for itself and it has been appreciated not only by its customers but also recognized by the authorities.  Under ‘Make in India’ programme, it was conferred the ‘Best Food Brand of India’ during the 3rd National Entrepreneurship Awards last year by the Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India. The award was given by Shri Arun Jaitley Hon'ble minister of finance Govt of India as Sattviko presents a successful example of entrepreneurship which promotes local and traditional elements.

We have been awarded and recognized by industry stalwarts

Sattviko, India's most awarded food company

A brief intro to Sattviko - Winner of National Entrepreneurship Award