Women’s Equality Day

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”

It was on 26th August, 1973 in the US when Women’s Equality Day was first celebrated. That day finally marked the acknowledgement of a new and better era. A world where dreams were only limited by aspirations and not gender was beginning to form. Since then, people all across the world have dedicated this day to all the superwomen out there. Today, there are women at top positions in many fields from army to business who are doing exceptionally well. Not just that, women have represented India in olympics and international sports competitions also. India has taken many measures to get the equality clock running both, in the personal and professional space. We may not have reached the ideal level of equality but you know, we are getting there.

It has taken women many years of striving and confidence to reach where they stand now. They are the homemakers and the binding agent of the family. But in between establishing a professional front and taking care of the family, there is one important thing that they forget to take care about, their health. They are the ones who are always looking after others but who is looking after them? Mothers are so busy giving the right nutritions to their kids that they forget to have their own meal. Working women are so engrossed in work and at home that they forget to rest. Women who are homemakers are looking after everything 24/7 and tend to ignore the body pains because there is always something or the other to do. They all need nutritions to fuel their superpowers. So, on this special day, here’s a five step guide to self care for all the beautiful women out there.

      1. Practice Healthy Eating: With a fast paced life, you might feel like skipping on a meal or just having munchies to save time. But you have to remember that eating right is of foremost importance because without good health, you won’t be able to do well. So, ensure that superfoods like makhana, gur chana, ragi, and sabudana are part of your daily regime. Also, replace that oil at home with ghee because ghee is filled with vitamins and actually helps in staying fit.

      2. Drink Lots Of Water: It is very important to keep your body hydrated. Do not delay drinking water when you're thirsty because water keeps you energised and active. You could also have healthy smoothies in between for a change.

      3. Make Way For Meditation: With all those superpowers at work, it might become difficult to keep a peaceful mind. Meditation gives you that escape zone to just relax and calm yourself down. So, make sure that you take out half an hour from your daily schedule to meditate. Just by sitting and closing your eyes, you'll be able to feel a lot of difference.

      4. Keep A Munchie Box: We know how hard it is to control those mid-meal cravings. Especially, when it's your favourite go-to munchie. We suggest that you keep a box filled with healthy munchies like khakhra chips to satisfy those cravings. They'll be tiny bites but you are sure to feel healthier and fitter.

      5. Connect Socially: We know how little time you have in between all the chaos but sometimes, it's good to do something for yourself. Being connected socially is good for mental stability. You just meet-up an old friend of yours or join a fun class.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.