About the Challenge

Do you feel irritated when people take food for granted? When people don't understand what wonders food can do to their lives?

If yes! We have a platform for you to make a difference using your knowledge and learnings as a nutritionist & dietician. Sattviko is launching a Food Coach Challenge open for only dieticians and nutritionists where you will be hosting live sessions in different formats on how Superfoods of India can make a difference in people's life. Compete with your fellow dieticians/Nutritionists to win the title of Sattviko Super Food Coach of India.

Judgement Criteria

1. Ratings: The fairest way to understand this is by getting real-time feedback from your audience attending the session and people following you in the community.

2. Audience: You will be given access to Sattviko's community to maximize the number of people you can get in your webinar. The higher the number of people attending your session and following you in the community, more are your chances to win the challenge.
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The Food Coach Challenge

The Food Coach Challenge