Swetha Ashok
    Nutritionist + Lifestyle Coach Swetha Ashok,

    Swetha comes from a background in biochemistry, microbiology, and nutrition which helps her understand physiology, gut health, and bacteria, and how balanced meals play an important role in nourishment.

    She has worked with clients across the world tackling weight worries and lifestyle management, all while consulting remotely out of the city of Mumbai. She possesses robust knowledge on the pillars of basic nutrition, hence bringing the very fiber of value-addition with her counsel, and believes in not just prescribing incomprehensible dietary practices, but in educating on the WHATs and HOWs about the meal, increasing awareness about the intrinsic relationship between food, mind, and body.

    She strives to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with every individual under her care, progressively breaking rampant nutrition myths, aiding in the discipline through well-motivated for portion control, educating on better choices, helping you adapt to challenging lifestyle changes, and complementing dietary efforts with exercise.