Stress Consciousness Program

Live Stress Free For Life

Learn from the experts and learn to live stress free in just 108 days.  

Personalized Content delivered on mobile
30 mins a day at your convenience
Gamified & exciting daily challenges
24 x7 Q&A support from experts
Connect with global community
108 days long
Meals included
Includes Live Sessions
Starting from $899.00

What's in it for you?

Eat Right

Besides guiding you to develop better food choices which helps you in stress, we also give you a personalized delicious & wholesome meal for the entire duration of the program. Daily one time meal not only helps you manage stress but is also rich in nutrients, fiber and protein

Practice right

Designed & delivered by Yoga expert, you get personalized yoga class videos delivered directly to your mobile, which guides you through the program

Ask Anything

Be the part of the interactive group where you can discuss your doubts and get inspired from others

Who is this program for?

Become stress free for life

Sattviko stress consciousness program works on developing habit and igniting your consciousness. We work towards gradually building habbits with personalised daily challenges. The program works empowering your mind ensuring you don't feel stress again.

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Curious how we do it?

Pillars of Yogic Wellness

Sattviko works on 6 pillars of Yogic wellness to give you a wholistic solution, which sustains. These pillars covers both your physical, mental and spiritual vitals. Working on these 6 pillars create endless possibility, living stress free is just one of them.

Diet Pillar

Food is of great importance in Yogic wellness. It is said 70% of health problems reside in gut. Sattviko through its weekly challenges and with specially created FoodYoga Meal delivers you a wholesome solution.

Learn from the best

Yoga Experts
Sattviko's program has been curated by yogis who have had more than 20 years of experience, and by people who themselves became stress free using these methods. These are exactly the kind of people who understand what you are experiencing and how you can achieve what you desire
World Class Food Experts
We got a team of food experts working constantly to ensure that your nutrition is well balanced. Sattviko FoodYoga meal, included in your package, and weekly food challenges are designed to nourish you and your mind.

Hear it from others

Bruna Meneghini
Yoga Teacher, New Zealand
What a brilliant idea to team up yogic food with yoga. Have been on the lookout for such products for a while now
Gunjan Agarwal
IP Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP, USA
Love to participate in the 108 SN challenge and fantastic products. I personally would love to take the membership for these products.
Sumeet Chilwal
CCO, Sattviko, India
The snacks are especially for yoga retreat, when we need to fuel our bodies for our outdoor yoga adventures. I am super grateful that now when I am on road or out for a retreat I don't have to rely solely nuts and seeds. These are very handy, easy to digest, and super tasty!.

A Sustainable Solution for sustainable future

Sattviko weight consciousness program is a 100% sustainable and conscious program. All our food products are made from plant based products and contains natural ingredients.

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FAQs About Program
Yes! The program include one time ready to make delicious meal, which shall be delivered to you along with instructions
The program has 3 durations - 4 Weeks, 12 Weeks and 24 Weeks. To know more click here
People with severe medical conditions or with conditions which restrict physical movement should avoid the program. If you have any mild condition and not sure, write to us at eat@sattviko.com
FAQs about meal
The meals are part of your program and carries all essential macros and micros along with fiber & protein, which are needed as a part of your daily diet. We have included the meal to ensure that you do not lose on health while losing weight.
Don't worry the meal taste simply delicious. The meals are made with researched recipe keeping in mind the health and taste aspect.
The meals are included depending upon the duration of the program. To know more click here
The meal has 3 variant which further comes in various flavour options. Plus we also share a list of interesting quick do at home recipes, thus allowing you to eat a different meal daily
The meal takes only 5 mins to prepare. Simply add hot water as prescribed, mix the flavor and leave the meal for 5 mins. If you decide to make your own recipe then add the time taken for preparation.


108 Days

  • 108 Days
  • 12 Live Sessions
  • Virtual Classes
  • 3 Month Meals Included
  • Money Back Guarantee

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