Sattviko VIP - How it works?

The points system!

Tier Name Minimum Purchase Value Maximum Purchase Value Points added to the account
Silver 0 1500 3% of your purchase value
Gold 1501 5000 5% of your purchase value
Platinum 5001 10000000 7% of your purchase value

  1. This points system is based on a cumulative basis. With every purchase, the purchase value of your account will increase and you will be moving onto the subsequent tiers
  2. There is no minumim threshold to redeem points. Also, 1 point is equal to ₹1. So the discount value will be equal to the number of points you redeem!

How to redeem your points?

  1. If you have already purchased earlier with Sattviko, then your user name is your email ID and password is your first name appended with '@12345' in the end(For Example, if your first name is abc, then your password will be 'abc@12345'). You can reset this password by visiting our website
  2. Once you login to the website, you can add the products to the cart and procedd to the cart page. There , you have to enter the points you want to redeem. You will receiev and OTP and once the OTP is verified, the amount will be directly be deducted from your final bill value.
  3. If you are purchasing for first time, then after you make your first purchase, you will get an email with the login credentials. You can login with those credentials and repeat step 2 to redeem your points

Note: You have to login to be able to redeem your points!

There will be more exciting prizes and services that you will be able to avail in the coming times. We will let you know whenever we come up with something new. We look forward to create and share a bond over a long period of time.
Team Sattviko!