Sattviko Acid Burn Comforter

Acidity(acid reflux) is a common problem that many of us face on daily basis. The most common cause if found out to be unhealthy eating habits. Foods that have a lot of fat and spice result in a burning sensation in your chest, and this is the most common symptom of acid reflux. Below, we present you a regime which can help you with problem of acid reflux.

  1. 1. Daystart (10-15 mins after waking up) :

    Take 1 glass lukewarm saunf water ( 1 tsp saunf boiled in a glass of water for 1 min or so, have lukewarm, preferably without brushing) + 5 presoaked almonds. Nutrients gained: essential oils, fibre, vitamins.

  2. 2. Within an hour of waking up :

    One cup elaichi and tulsi tea ( made with less milk) + 1 rusk or wheat digestive. Nutrients gained: herbs, potassium.
    Do yoga and meditation after having tea. Some asanas which can be performed are: Vajrasana, Paschimottanasana and Marjaryasana.

    Sattviko SuperTea

  3. 3. Breakfast ( Within 60-90 mins of Meal 2):

    Veg poha/ Savoury Sabudana/Vegetable sandwich / Vegetable upma + One glass thandai or badam elaichi milk (cold). Nutrients gained: vitamins, iron.

    Sabudana Supermeal

  4. 4. Midafternoon (2-3 Hours of Breakfast):

    One glass coconut water or one med banana. Nutrients gained: potassium, calcium.

  5. 5. Lunch ( 1:30- 2:00Pm):

    Rotis + One bowl dal + One bowl seasonal subzi + One bowl dahi or Sabudana Khichdi Cucumber tomato salad with black salt on top. Nutrients gained: protein, vitamins, high in fibre.

  6. 6. Evening snack (4:00pm -6:00pm):

    One cup tea or mild coffee + khakhra/makhanas/murmura chana mix. Nutrients gained: calcium, protein.
    Makhana Superpops

  7. 7. Early Dinner (2- 3 hours before bedtime):

    Rotis + any seasonal vegetable Or Vegetable daliya. Nutrients gained: dietary fibre, minerals.

Comment/ Note
1. Chew on some saunf post meals
2. After one hour of dinner do a normal walk for 10 min or sit on vajrasana for 2 to 3 min or maximum that u can.
3. Do not give long gaps between meals.
4. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily.
5. Be hydrated, drink lots of water.
6. Practice some mind calming exercises too like meditation, breathing exercises in morning, listening to calming music etc.

See, that was easy. If you found this useful, share it this regime with your friends and family

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