Peri Peri Tapioca (Sabudana) Instant Meal for Endurance, 5 Meals

12 Herbs
Gluten Free
Minimally Processed
No Trans Fat
Post Yoga Superfood
: India
: 400 g ( 5 meals of 80g )
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Single Pack

  • 5 Meals
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$ 6 per meal

1 Month

  • 25 Meals
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$ 150
$99.00 (34% off)
$ 3.96 per meal

3 Months

  • 75 Meals
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$ 450
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$ 3.32 per meal

Meal with many features

Made with Real Ingredients
FoodYoga Meal contains only natural & non-gmo ingredients like peanuts, lentils, chickpea, seeds, 14 herbs and tapioca. Know More
12g Protein & 20g Fiber
Each FoodYoga meal naturally contains 12g protein & 20g fiber, which fulfills 20% of protein and 30% of fiber daily requirement. Know More
Million Possibilities!
Add chopped vegetables of your choice or garnish with your favourite topping, there are endless possibilities of making FoodYoga Meal. Check recipes

Meal that is suited for your workout

Designed for building endurance yogic pillar , FoodYoga meal not only contains protein and fiber but also contains essential micro and phyto nutrients(herbs).
  • Turmeric helps you in faster recovery
  • Ginseng helps you fight tiredness & increases energy level
  • Licorice helps improve metabolism
  • Seeds to give you healthy cholesterol & fat

What's inside Sattviko FoodYoga Sabudana Meal


Roasted Peanut
Roasted Chana
Flax & Melon Seeds
14 Added Herbs
+12 more
Sunflower Oil

Read what experts has to say

Alexander Petrogiani, Yoga Teacher, IntheSpiritYoga, Canada
Love to participate in the 108 SN challenge and fantastic products. I personally would love to be the membership for these products.
Adrianne Burke, Yoga Teacher, Founder of YogaOntheLand, DC, USA
Food is great and really cool especially for yoga retreat. I am super greatful, now when I am on road or out for a retreat I don't have to rely only on nuts, these are very handy.
Bruna Meneghini, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand
What a brilliant idea to team up yogic food with yoga. Have been on the lookout for such products for a while now
foodyoga revolution
FAQ for Making FoodYoga Meal
  • Microwave - 2 mins (for 1 serving) with high temperature
  • Hot water - Add hot water and keep covered for 5 minutes. Stir and enjoy!
  • Pan - Bring water to boil, add ingredients and keep covered for 5 mins. If you are doing any tempering (tadka), add water post that
For every 2 bowl of foodyoga meal add 1.5 bowl of water.
Veggie Supermeal - Chop 1/2 onion, 1/2 tomato and 1/2 capsicum. Add 2 bowl of supermeal in a big bowl. Add 1.5 bowl of hot water. Mix well with chopped veggies and cover the container for 5 mins. Add ketchup if you like and enjoy the veggie Supermeal. For more recipes visit here - recipes
FAQ about ingredients
Each box of 425g contains 5 meals of 85 g each
The box is very easy to carry. The pack is 15 cms long and can be kept easily inside laptop bag or trekking bag.
Daily recommended consumption is 85g or 1 serving. You can either eat it as a meal (breakfast,lunch or dinner) or between meals.
FoodYoga meal is minimally processed. We only roast the raw ingredients and do not do any further processing.

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Sattviko Peri Peri Tapioca (Sabudana) Instant Meal for Endurance, 5 Meals Peri Peri Tapioca (Sabudana) Instant  Meal for Endurance, 5 Meals .. 5 stars based on 6 ratings