Peri Peri FoodYoga Makhana Snack, Rich in Antioxidant

12 Herbs
Anti Oxidant
Gluten Free
Minimally Processed
No Trans Fat
Post Yoga Superfood
: India
: 160g (4 x 40g)
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Single Pack

  • 1 box = 4 servings
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1 Month

  • 6 box = 24 servings
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3 Months

  • 18 box = 72 servings
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Delicious snack with many benefits

makhana yoga snack

With Added Herbs

Each Sattviko Makhana snack contains

  • Curcumin for immunity
  • Ginseng for sharper mind
  • Licorice for anti-inflammatory properties

makhana for weight loss

Loaded with Antioxidants

Makhana contains various antioxidants prominent being

  • Gallic acid & kaempferol great for anti-ageing
  • Chlorogenic acid reduces cholesterol and boost metabolism
  • Epicatechin which has anti-inflamatory properties

makhana for family

Great for Weight Loss

Makhanas are great healthy snacks

  • Contains 16 types of amino acids that helps increase metabolism and speed up the calorie burning process.
  • Protein in lotus seeds improves metabolic rate and prevents muscle loss.

FoodYoga Makhana Snack - A Delicious Antioxidant Surprise

The process of oxidation in the human body damages cell membranes and other structures, including cellular proteins, lipids and DNA, due to formation of free radicals. Antioxidants are very important in protecting your body against damage done by free radical. Makhana is rich in various antioxidants such as gallic acid, chlorogenic acid and epicatechin.

Due to its anti-oxidant properties, makhana helps build yogic pillar of endurance and balance in the body.

What's inside Sattviko FoodYoga Makhana Snack


12 Added Herbs
+10 more
Sunflower Oil

Other benefits of Makhana

makhana yoga snack

Source of Protein

makhana for weight loss

Great for Skin

makhana for family

Boost Metabolism

makhana for family

Great for heart

makhana for family

Source of Calcium

makhana for family


makhana for family

Strengthen Bones

Read what experts has to say

Alexander Petrogiani, Yoga Teacher, IntheSpiritYoga, Canada
Love to participate in the 108 SN challenge and fantastic products. I personally would love to be the membership for these products.
Adrianne Burke, Yoga Teacher, Founder of YogaOntheLand, DC, USA
Food is great and really cool especially for yoga retreat. I am super greatful, now when I am on road or out for a retreat I don't have to rely only on nuts, these are very handy.
Bruna Meneghini, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand
What a brilliant idea to team up yogic food with yoga. Have been on the lookout for such products for a while now
foodyoga revolution
Makhanas are slow roasted to ensure maximum nutrition value.
Packed with so many benefits and nutritional density, makhana is one of the oldest superfood of India.
Yes Sattviko Makhanas are certified organic.
Except Turmeric Makhana and Black pepper makhana all the flavors contain onion and garlic.
If you like little spicy flavor then go for Pudina (Mint) & Peri Peri. But if you prefer less spicy then choose Barbecue and Sweet Chilli. If you are unable to decide or want to try them all buy our variety pack which contains all flavors.
The box is very easy to carry. The pack is 10 cms long and can be kept easily inside laptop bag or trekking bag.
Makhana (water lily pops) are highly hygroscopic thus they tend to get soggy very fast. So if you find them little soggy for any reason, just microwave them at high temperature for 1 min and enjoy the crunchy makhana.
Sattviko sources makhana directly from farmers in Bihar without involving any middlemen, which are grown sustainably. Also Makhana snacks are 100% plant based.
For best results, consume Sattviko's Foodyoga Makhana snacks daily 2 times a day between meals.
Makhana contains calcium and protein which is highly beneficial for children. For kids who prefer less spice level barbecue and sweet chilli are great. Rest if your kids love somewhat spicy then you can go for Pudina or Peri Peri
Makhana is made by popping water lily seeds and thus it is totally safe to be consumed during pregnancy. However you may want to consult your doctor for any allergies you may have with other ingredients.

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