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Your wish to have a Super Lifestyle is just one step away

Swayam Therapy

Self help therapy based on the power of superfoods and the knowledge of experts

Lifetime Free

  1. Weekly group Yoga therapy.
  2. 30 mins one on one session with coach.
  3. Ask us anything.
  4. Unlimited access to supertips, regimens and recipes.

Swastham Therapy

Experience a month of a healthy lifestyle journey with our experts guiding your way to a better you.

1 Month

US$ 699

  1. Everything in the Swayam therapy.
  2. 16 one on one sessions.
  3. Happiness Buddy.
  4. Weekly review and updates.
  5. Sattviko Care box.
  6. Call, Text and Email Support.

Sampoornam Therapy

Get on this 3-month life transformation journey with our experts and happiness buddy to sail you through every small and extremely detailed part of your transformation journey.

3 Months

US$ 1499

  1. Everything in the Swastham Therapy.
  2. 7 days 100% money back guarantee.
  3. Happiness Guarantee.
  4. Unlimited one on one sessions.
  5. Free one-month roll over.
  6. Goal Setting + Achievement Tracking.