Sattviko Elite Gift Box (Paan Raisin, Gur Chana and Ajwaini Flax Seed)

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Sattviko elite gift box, an ideal gift for festival. The gift box includes sattviko paan raisin, gur chana, and ajwaini flax seeds. Paan raisin - infused with the extract of pan flavour into the natural sweetness of raisins and topped it with the powder of the ayurvedic herb called mulethi. The freshness of sattviko's paan raisins will leave you with an everlasting craving. Gur chana - sattviko gur chana packs all the nutrition you need in your diet. Chana is a powerhouse of protein and gur is a good source of essential carbohydrates. Winters as a child meant the fragrance of sondhi gud and the crunch of kurkure channa! We would wait impatiently till our mums handed those delicious little things over to us. Filled with iron these crunchy snacks are packed with taste and health. Ajwaini flax seed - flax seeds are one of the most nutritious plant based foods. They are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and are good for our heart. They reduce the onset of old age, fight cancer and prevent joint pains. Sattviko ajwaini flax seeds are lightly roasted flax seeds with ajwaini and salt.

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