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Superfoods of India to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is commonly encountered lifestyle disease in today’s fast moving world. India has the second largest number of people with diabetes in the world. As per International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in 2011, there were 65 million people with diabetes in India. It is expected that the number will reach up to 80.3 million by 2025. In today’s time where we are living in pandemic, Diabetes is something to be taken care more than before, as we all know people with diabetes have low immunity.

Here you got a chance to manage it well, with right approach of our Ancient Indian Super foods. Super foods are, actually forgotten old traditional foods, that our grand parents used to give us. This is the time to recall our Indian culture and Apply it , not only for our wellbeing but for our upcoming generations. Its time to touch our roots again.

Super Foods- Food that nourishes your body well, apart of nourishment they gives or show some clinical benefits to your body.

Here are some Super foods to manage your blood sugar levels:

1. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich source of Omega 3, Fiber and protein. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, that our body needs to be supplied through our diet. Lignan is insoluble fiber found in flax seeds. How much and how to consume – 10g/-day in roasted and grinded form.

2. Jamun or jamun seeds powder

Shows Digestive properties and anti diabetic properties that helps in managing blood sugar levels normal. How much and how to consume – you can have Jamun fruits in season or you can have seeds powder 1 tsp /-day.

3. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is rich in an active compound known as charantin enzyme, that controls the blood sugar level, also vit c of bitter gourd helps in inflammation in pancreas due to diabetes. How much and how to consume- Raw or cooked or in juice form. 1 medium /-day.

4. Fenugreek or Methi Dana

Methi Help in lowering the insulin resistance ,increases the glucose utilization and helps in controlling the diabetes. Provide Vit B and fiber that helps body to manage diabetes. How much and how to consume- 1 tsp /-day. Powdered form, overnight soaked water or sprouted form.

5. Guava or Guava Leaves

several studies have shown that Guava leaves extract shows in lowering blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. How much and how to consume –1 or 2 medium sized fruit or 1 cup guava leaves tea.