6 Pillar Challenge

6 Pillar Challenge- Strength Pillar – Setubandhasana

Setu Bandha is derived from the Sanskrit word “Setu,” which means bridge; Bandha means lock or bind; and Asana means posture, pose, or seat.

Also known as the Little Bridge or bridge pose, this asana rejuvenates the brain and eases the tired legs. This asana helps to reach the state where both the mind and the body are at peace and that is why it helps in advance in Strength Pillar. Try and practice one asana from each of the 6 Pillars of Yogic Wellness. Find out more here.

Sethu Bandhasana not only relaxes the mind, body but also massages the digestive organs and is an excellent pose for melting stomach fat as it stretches the stomach muscles. In addition to practicing Asana, people must be conscious of their diet. Try and incorporate the Sattvik Food in your diet to attain a balance of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats.

Strength Challenge:

Hold Setu bandhasana for 108 sec

Steps to Perform Sethu Bandhasana:

1. Lie on your back, bend both knees, and place your feet hip-width apart on the floor. With the palms facing down, slide the arms alongside the body. The tips of the fingers should be lightly touching the heels.

2. Press the feet into the floor, inhale, and raise the hips off the floor, rolling the spine off the floor. Squeeze the knees together lightly to keep the knees hip-width apart.

3. Lift the chest by pressing down on the arms and shoulders. Lift the hips higher by engaging the legs, buttocks, and Mula bandha.

4. Take 4-8 deep breaths and hold them.

5. Remember to hold the posture for 30 seconds or one minute, exhale and slowly roll the spine back to the floor to release.

Why you should take this challenge?

  1. This pose stretches and relaxes your back, neck, and chest.
  2. This asana is beneficial for menstrual and lower abdominal issues.
  3. It strengthens the muscles in the legs, hips, pelvis, back, and arms, improving posture and counteracting a rounded back.
  4. The asana helps to remove both belly and body fat and regulated the thyroid gland.
  5. This exercise helps to regulate kidney and thyroid function.
  6. Setu bandhasana helps reduce stress and anxiety. This pose helps in building the strength in ladies that are needed for childbirth.


  1. If you have a neck or back injury, do not attempt or avoid this pose.
  1. It is recommended to let go of the asana as soon as little strain is observed.
  2. The asana should be practiced on an empty stomach.
  3. Pregnant women should always consult a doctor in the last 6-9 months of pregnancy before practicing Bridge pose to avoid any complications.

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