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Origin of Virabhadrasana

The mythological story of Vibhadrasana

Lord Shiva is considered to be the first yogi. It is said that it’s from him that the yogic sciences have been transmitted to mankind. 

There is a beautiful story from the ancient yogic tales of how the Veerbhadra Asana or the the Warrior pose was developed.

Once upon a time Lord Shiva fell in love and  married a beautiful princess called Sati. Sati’s father was a powerful king called Daksha. Daksha did not approve of Lord Shiva and his daughter Sati’s marriage so he publically humiliated her at his grand Yagna or ceremony. This humiliation caused her immense sadness and she went into samadhi and left her body. The death of his beloved wife made lord Shiva very angry, and he created a Super Warrior called Virabhadra to avenge her. In sanskrit, “Vira” meaning Hero and “Bhadhra” means friend. He tasked Virabhadra to go to the place where Sati had taken Samadhi, and kill the King Daksha.

The tales say that Virabhadra thrust up through the ground with Sword in hand in the first form called Virabhadrasana l ( Warrior pose 1).

Second he sites the opponent ( Daksha )- Virbhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2.

With very swift moves he takes his sword and kills Daksha ( Virabhadrasana 3) or warrior 3.