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Origin Of Surya Namaskar

The Mythological origins of Surya Namaskar

Lord hanuman was fascinated by Surya (sun) almost from birth. As a baby, he mistook the sun for a big luscious mango and began to eat it, causing the universe to go dark. Lord hanuman wanted to learn everything about the world. He asked his mother how he could do so and his mother pointed to the sun and said, the sun drives in his chariot all over the world every day and sees everything everywhere he should learn from the  God Surya. Excited to learn new things lord hanuman asked Surya if he could be his teacher but Surya refused to state Hanuman won’t be able to keep up with him. Lord hanuman persisted and after a serious conversation, God Surya agreed.  

Hanuman flew up and positioned himself in front of the chariot, he expand himself towards the sky so that his feets are resting on eastern and western horizons and kept looking at Surya facing the chariot.  Hanuman spent thousands of years flying in front of the sun’s chariot, staring at the sun from sunrise to sunset, listening to everything Surya had to say. He sublimated from Hanuman the monkey to Hanuman the god of infinite wisdom. He learned Sanskrit, wrote poetry, excelled in martial skills, leadership abilities & became one of the most knowledgeable beings.

To thank Surya his teacher he designed the suryanamakar exercise that yogis would follow for all eternity.