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Manage stress and anxiety using antioxidant plus yoga | Story of Paola

From running her Jewellery business in NYC to becoming a full time yoga teacher in Honduras, Paola journey as a yogi has been quite eventful. In this FoodYoga Nutrition Talk Paola talks about how she decided to take up yoga as a full time profession after suffering anxiety issues. Paola believes in the power of yoga and nutrition, consuming diet rich in antioxidant and practicing pranayama.

Host: Prasoon Gupta, CEO & Yogi at Sattviko
Guest: Paola, Yoga Coach

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About Sattivko FoodYoga Nutrition Talk
Sattviko FoodYoga Nutrition talks is all about importance of nutrition in achieving your wellness goals by yoga. We invite yoga experts, who have achieved their wellness goals using yoga, to talk about their journey and how they took care of their nutrition.

Note: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal views and understanding of meditation and health.