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How to hold Asana for longer duration in Yoga | How to build Endurance

In yoga it is not only important to be able to do a certain asana but is equally important to hold it for a longer duration. Endurance in simple terms is holding a pose for longer duration. Building endurance improves your functional capacity along your physical and mental strength. To build endurance one needs well-lubricated joints, and properly stretched muscles along with discipline and commitment. When you focus on building endurance it not only strengthens the muscles but also builds confidence and improve focus of mind. The practice of simply holding the pose helps to overcome mental negativity and the fear of pain.

Watch as Prasoon talks about how to hold an asana or build endurance in Yoga. Speaker also share what kind of foods are important in building endurance.

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Topic: How to hold an asana for a longer duration in yoga
Guest: Prasoon Gupta, Co-Founder Sattviko
Host: Ankush Sharma, Co-Founder Sattviko

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