8 Effective ways to cure PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disease that causes problems in hormones, which affects women between the ages of15 to 44. PCOS attacks a woman’s ovaries, the reproductive organ that produces hormones to regulate the menstrual cycle — the estrogen and progesterone. It also produces a small number of androgens, the male hormones.

Women who suffer from PCOS also have chronic low-grade inflammation and multiple cardiovascular diseases; such an example will be type-2 diabetes, obesity, and hypertension– which can result in adverse COVID-19-related outcomes.

How can I prevent this?

Avoiding processed and junk foods like bread, pasta, and noodles spike sugar levels in the body, therefore, making PCOS management difficult.

Birth control pills are usually advised for PCOS treatment as a PCOS solution to help control androgen levels. However, These pills lead to malabsorption of vitamin B12. So a proper lifestyle and diet are the key to reverse the disease and help the proper assimilation of all the nutrients from the food. Do weight training once a week, practicing yoga asanas, and having calcium and B12 supplement during the entire week of the period.

Superfoods for women suffering from PCOD:

Coconut, ghee, jaggery, and aliv seeds help with enlarged pores on the skin. Raw banana, Suran, sprouted legumes help in preventing PMS and migraine, also prevent spotting that goes on for days together. Nachni, either as dosa, porridge, or Bhakri prevents cramps and acne that comes around the chin.

Here are 5 effective Superfoods to cure your PCOS

1. Coconut

2. Seeds

3. Whole pulses, sprouts, legumes

4. Raw banana

5. Fermented foods