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6 Pillars of Yogic Wellness

The modern lifestyle has impacted our wellness in multiple ways. If you look around and observe, all of us are grappling with some of the other lifestyle problems. But what if we say that you can easily deal with these issues through yoga and better food habits?

Yes, by strengthening our 6 pillars of Yogic wellness, we can not only attain Samadhi but heal our wellness wholly with complete integration of spirit, mind, and body.

The 6 pillars of Yogic Wellness

In order to build strong foundational wellness from the inside out, we at Sattviko have curated 6 pillars of a yogic wellness. These are Endurance Pillar, Strength Pillar, Flexibility Pillar, Mind pillar, Balance Pillar, and the Spirituality Pillar. The pillars start from our external body (Endurance) and go deep inside our subconscious level, which is the innermost pillar (Spiritual).

We need to understand that if any of these pillars go into the ‘weak mode’ or are out of place, then we suffer from wellness issues and lifestyle problems. Wondering how to strengthen the pillars? The answer is Surya Yoga! Surya Yoga is our exclusive wellness plan curated with adding certain variations and asanas to the novel practice of Surya Namaskar. Through the disciplined practice of sun worship, Surya Namaskar, and Surya Yoga, you can strengthen all 6 pillars of Yogic wellness one by one in a sequence.

How these pillars solve lifestyle and wellness problems

  1. Endurance Pillar: 

This is the first and most common pillar that helps other pillars to develop. Endurance is your capability to remain or hold your stance, posture, thought, or weight, for a longer period of time. Your muscles – brain, heart, and lungs contribute to your body’s capacity of holding in one position. Endurance pillar is essential during the process of holding your posture.

  1. Strength Pillar: 

The strength pillar is ability to reach a position, a state of mind or body. When you perform a task, your strength comes into play. Advancing in strength pillar requires you to develop endurance pillar in parallel. For eg. you start with basic posture (requiring less strength) and hold it for longer & build endurance for that posture. Once you are able to maintain the posture, you use your strength to go to the next level and then hold that posture. You keep improving and increasing level-wise based on your endurance and strength.

  1. Flexibility Pillar: 

The tendency of any muscle to stretch is on the basis of its flexibility. Your body’s flexibility is determined when you are able to stretch your muscles to a certain core. To build your flexibility, you need strength, endurance, and stretch as much as possible. 

  1. Mind pillar: 

The most crucial pillar that needs to be developed is your mind pillar. Your mind controls your body. It takes time to train your mind. Where there is a will, there is a way. You need strength, endurance, and flexibility to reach your final posture. Based on the first 3 pillars, you need to train your mind to achieve your final posture. Your mind pillar helps control your external and internal state.

  1. Balance Pillar: 

The state of stability and comfort. When you develop a balance for your posture, you have reached a state of balance. To achieve this state of balance, you need to train your mind to feel comfortable and pleasurable in the yoga posture. Create strength, stability, endurance, and comfort. Once you achieve these pillars, balance comes from within.

  1. Spirituality Pillar

The most superior pillar out of the 6 pillars, the spiritual pillar requires you to come into a state of stability and comfort. Your journey towards the ultimate source of energy, the sun, begins here. If you wish to understand what is happening inside you, outside you, and around you along with the meaning of life, you need to build your spirituality pillar. This state of perfect balance helps you attain your answers about everything around you.


The above 6 pillars are designed to provide holistic benefit to the practitioner. Right from beating stress to detoxing the body by maintaining a good balanced diet, one can achieve a healthy and prosperous life, and solve lifestyle problems, by practicing these pillars of yogic wellness.

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