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6 Pillar Challenge- Strength Pillar – Naukasana (Boat Pose)

The name Naukasana is derived from the Sanskrit words “Nauka,” which means “boat,” and “Asana,” which means “posture” or “seat.” As a result, this asana is known as Naukasana. This boat pose is beneficial in the treatment of a variety of physical ailments. Essentially, Naukasana strengthens the lungs, liver, and pancreas. It aids in the circulation of blood and the maintenance of blood sugar levels.

All of the stress and tension can lead to depression, so we must de-stress and rejuvenate. And what better way to do so than through yoga? Yoga has been shown to be beneficial not only for mental health but also for overall health. There are many very effective yoga poses, one of which is Naukasana, or the boat pose. Find more information about the benefits of Yogic Wellness.

Strength Challenge:
Hold Nauka Asana for 108 sec

Why you should take this challenge?

  1. Naukasana strengthens the abdominal muscles, thighs and shoulders.
  2. It improves the health of all organs in the abdomen especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
  3. The Boat Pose aids in the loss of excess stomach fat by stretching, compressing, and relaxing the abdominal organs.
  4. Naukasana benefits healthy digestion by preventing constipation, acidity, and maintaining a strong metabolism.
  5. Like most yoga asanas, Naukasana is a stress reliever that leaves your mind calm and relaxed.

Follow the steps for performing Naukasana

  1. Lie on your back, feet together, arms beside your body.
  2. Inhale deeply and, as you exhale, lift your chest and feet off the ground, stretching your arms towards your feet.
  3. Your eyes, fingers, and toes should all be in a straight line.
  4. As your abdominal muscles contract, you will feel tension in your navel area.
  5. While holding the pose, continue to breathe deeply and easily.
  6. Maintain the position for a few seconds.
  7. As you exhale, slowly return to the ground and relax.
  8. Duration: 3-4 repetitions per day, but do not overdo it.

Contraindications: Who shouldn’t do this Challenge?

  1. If you have low blood pressure, a severe headache, a migraine, or if you have recently suffered from some chronic diseases or spinal disorders, do not practise this yoga pose.
  2. This pose is not recommended for people who have asthma or heart problems.
  3. During pregnancy and the first two days of the menstrual cycle, women should avoid doing Boat pose (Naukasana).

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