6 Pillar Challenge

6 Pillar Challenge- Flexibility Pillar – Gomukh Asana

In pic – Meghna Manchanda , @YogKiShala

A Sanskrit word, Gomukhasana literally translates into a cow face posture Gow – cow, Mukha – face, Asana – pose. The yoga pose gets its name because the thighs and calves of the person performing it resembles a cow’s face, wide at one end and tapering towards the other. A seated yoga posture, Gomukhasana helps stretch the arms, triceps, shoulders, and chest. Requiring the practitioner to sit erectly, it also enhances one’s posture.

Gomukhasana is the easiest pose to do to begin working on your Flexibility Pillar of Yogic Wellness. To know more about the 6 Pillars of Yogic Wellness click here.

Challenge –

Hold Gomukhasana for 108 Seconds.

Gomukha Asana also relieves stress, anxiety and muscle tension, it also needs to be complemented with healthy food habits. Sattviko Foodyoga meals have the right yogic herbs to improve your flexibility and are also minimally processed.

Why you should take this Challenge?

Here’s why you should participate in this challenge with Gomukhasana!

  • Improves  flexibility of hips, thigh muscles and joints
  • Stretches and tones muscles of the chest
  • Strengthens back muscles and therapeutic for conditions of lower back issues like sciatica
  • Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System and helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Beneficial for conditions like stiff shoulders and frozen arms
  • Stretches the lower abdominal muscles improving the functioning of the digestive system 

Follow the steps for performing Gomukhasana:

  1. Sit in Dandasana. Bend your knees and bring your left foot under your right knee. Place your right knee directly on top of the left. Make sure you do not sit on your feet.
  2. Raise the right arm above your head, bend the elbow. Simultaneously bring the left arm behind the back with a bend elbow.
  3. Interlock or clasp your hands behind the back.
  4. Then breathe in slowly.
  5. Exhale and release your arms.
  6. Uncross your legs and sit in Dandasana again.
  7. Repeat with the other leg.

Gomukhasana not just caters to the Flexibility pillar of Yogic wellness by improving one’s limbs flexibility, but also helps in building the strength pillar as it induces relaxation, alleviates tiredness and tension.


Remember that while yoga is for everyone, not all poses are for all people! It’s important to remember that a true yogi knows what they can do and doesn’t do what they can’t do.

Avoid this asana during the following conditions:

  • Any kind of hip problems or injury at the knee, hamstring, and quadriceps should be avoided.
  • If you have sciatica, then crossing the knee may not be too good as there will be pressure at the sciatic nerve.
  • Any kind of neck and shoulder injury.
  • Completely avoid this pose when pregnant, as the crossing of the legs at the thighs may bring pressure to the lower abdomen which may not be safe.

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