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6 Pillar Challenge- Balance Pillar – Vrikshasana

In Sanskrit, “Vriksha” means “Tree” while “Asana” means “posture” or “pose”. Therefore, Vrikshasana means “Tree Pose” in English. Vrikshasana’s hidden meaning is that, just as a tree remains steadfast in the face of storm and wind, so should one be equally balanced in life despite difficulties. It is a balancing asana and one of the few standing poses in medieval hatha yoga that is still a popular exercise in modern yoga.

 Just like any tall standing tree, Vrikshasana represents balance, firmness, and the ability to withstand all sorts of obstacles in the surrounding. Its continuous practice not only helps to maintain physical balance but also gain internal resistance like the tree. To sustain this balance, our body needs a complementary balance of food. You can build this discipline by including healthy dishes in your daily meal plan. Check out here interesting recipes best suited to all the yogis.

In the pic Yashshree @yogawithyashi

Balance Challenge –

Hold Vrikshasana for 108 Seconds.

Vrikshasana is one of the easiest poses to practice to work on your Balance Pillar of Yogic Wellness. To know more about the 6 Pillars of Yogic Wellness click here.


Why you should take this Challenge?

Here’s why you should participate in this challenge with Vrikshasana!

  • It develops a sense of both physical and mental balance.
  • Helps alleviate sciatica when practiced on a regular basis
  • It improves your posture and strengthens your spine.
  • Vrikshasana develops the muscles of the thighs, knees, and calf.
  • It also aids in the treatment of flat feet.
  • It improves concentration because it necessitates a lot of focus
  • Helps to develop stability and harmony in life
In the pic Yashshree @yogawithyashi

Follow the steps for performing Vrikshasana:

  1. Stand in Samasthiti: It is the simplest standing asana where both the feet and the body are upright
  2. Bring the right foot against your left thigh
  3. Bring the hands in front of yourself in Namaskar position
  4. Stretch your arms up towards the ceiling
  5. Hold in the stomach
  6. Stay calm. Maintain balance for 108 seconds
  7. Slowly bring your hands down in front of your chest
  8. Ease your right leg down
  9. Repeat the same with the other side

N.B: If the sole of the foot cannot be placed on the opposite side thigh, it might be placed on the opposite ankle or shin bone.

Contraindications: Who shouldn’t do this Challenge?

Now, though the Tree pose might seem simpler to you yet it is advisable to with caution. A true yogi should always know his/her own limitations and the precautions necessary for each Yoga pose (Asana).

Avoid this asana during the following conditions:

  • If you have severe arthritis, or recently suffered a leg or knee injury.
  • those who might suffer from vertigo or experience dizziness are not recommended this asana
  • Refrain from trying this pose if you have blood pressure fluctuations, headache, or ear problems
  • Do not perform this asana if you have a migraine or have high or low blood pressure.
  • If you have insomnia, stay away from Vrikshasana.

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