Sattviko Minute Namkeen - Sabudana Meal

Instant Sabudana Meal

Sattviko Minute Namkeen is World's first 2 in 1 Namkeen which can be eaten both as a snack and as a meal (Sabudana Meal). It is a mixture of Indian superfoods that provides instant energy and is a rich source of Iron, Proteins & Vitamins. Roasted to perfection, this is the wholesome snack that can be served as an instant Sabudana meal by just adding hot water in it.

This amazing Gluten-free product is available in 2 fantastic flavours -:

1. Chilli & Lemon

2. Zesty Tasty  

Sattviko Minute Namkeen is a great healthy alternative to the current Instant Breakfast & Noddles options available in the market. Also, it takes just 2 mins for you to create your own version of Minute Namkeen by adding some veggies/toppings. Minute Namkeen is your go-to option for a quick healthy breakfast or evening hunger buster.