Coming from the land of Yoga, Sattviko aims to help you live better and longer by balancing your six pillars of Yogic wellness using FoodYoga

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Alexander Petrogiani
Yoga Teacher, IntheSpiritYoga, Canada
Love to participate in the 108 SN challenge and fantastic products. I personally would love to take the membership for these products.
Adrianne Burke
Yoga Teacher, Founder YogaOntheLand, USA
The snacks are especially for yoga retreat, when we need to fuel our bodies for our outdoor yoga adventures. I am super grateful that now when I am on road or out for a retreat I don't have to rely solely nuts and seeds. These are very handy, easy to digest, and super tasty!.
Bruna Meneghini
Yoga Teacher, New Zealand
What a brilliant idea to team up yogic food with yoga. Have been on the lookout for such products for a while now

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