7 day dietary regime for a healthy heart

Liv Sattviko Talks Heart Matters, Episode 1

Want to know the superfood way to a healthy heart?

Here's a 7 day regime to keep your heart healthy:

    Day 1- The routine is to put you on a balance of right nutrition combination and timings. Focus on setting up the right routine
    Day 2- Start maintaining a food record journal. It helps in tracking progress and maintaining focus
    Day 3- Take a step towards reducing unnecessary gadget time. Not with meals, bot one hour post waking up and not one hour before sleeping. Works great on stress levels and building the right lifestyle
    Day 4- By now you should focus on atleast 90 percent compliance to the regime. Deviations should be less and you should start feeling a bit lighter
    Day 5- Make sure you have done some form of physical exercise daily. Review the same and ensure that you complete 6 days a week of the same
    Day 6- Have a quick look at your food diary and fill in the blanks if any. You can also take a meal of your own choice today but in controlled portions.
    Day 7- Review the entire week and note down your challenges, your success areas, how you feel, what are the positive outcomes and what are the areas you need to work on from next week. Be proud of your efforts and never demotivate your self by feeling guilty of the things you missed. You cannot be perfect from week1
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    About the author:

Anshul Jaibharat( Nutritionist and lifestyle modification coach)

Anshul has her own life-changing nutrition story—a story that ignited her passion for nutrition. Her journey to health and wellness started in 2003 when she lost 35kgs and regained her confidence and health.

Dt.Anshul is a dedicated professional with about 14 years of experience as a nutrition counselor and lifestyle modification coach in the health and wellness industry. She specializes in weight management and therapeutic diets.

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